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Hey guys
Been looking for something to help me here, but I just aint figured it out

I have a page where a user can send a message to another member of the website
The Compose Page, I want to have a button they press, this will open a new window, on this form, they can search for a user name
then they hit submit, and it will post back to the first page.

I might evan add this into a frame on the site, so they can search without page reload.

The reason I am saying button, is because I want the data in the form secured.
So if I have a basic form of

so if they type in the message_Subject and Message_Body,when they click Find User, I will post the value into the new page, in hidden fields

I got the form to open in a new window to find the username
(<form method='post' target='_blank'>)

but when I use _parent, or _top, it reloads in the same window (and _self, which is obvious)

I dont really want to use Javascript, but i will if I have to

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A minor suggestion, onlyican,

If you want to avoid javascript, You could save the entered data in a mysql table, then let the browser load right on top.  Once the user's selected the recipient, you can retrieve it.

Another way that might fit the bill better:  To acomplish almost the same thing you could use sessions.  So once they hit the 'select user' button or whatever, it saves the entered stuff in the session and opens the recipient chooser page.  The chooser page let's them pick and when they resubmit, grab their stored session data and display it along with the user.



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