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what do i need to make a login on my website??

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I have a website, and i only really know about html, i want to try and get a login on my index page.
what do i need to do this?
my hosting provider supports all the apache phpmyadmin etc...i even made a table in there !!!!
but do i need something on my pc to run aswell???
do i still need a text editor
please help and in a simple explanation, im thick LOL

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#1 - post questions like this in the php help forum, it's not an installation question. I've moved it for you.

#2 - "im thick" is likely to drive prospective responders away. Why would they want to help someone who's thick (unless they needed the stress)

#3 - you need [i]something[/i] to edit files. php files (and html files as well) are just text files, so a text editor is a good choice of program.

#4 - if you visit the phpfreaks home page, you'll find a link to the tutorials and scripts. Look through those and you'll find a log in script explained.

#5 - you don't need anything on your pc for your web site to have a log in.

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do you have msn messenger, yahoo, or aim because i can help you there

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