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cake php, probably something stupid i missed


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I'm just starting again on cakephp and maybe i've installed it wrong. the links to css i create arn't working.


I am using wamp and have cakephp in the doc root (C:\wamp\www\). The html helper links to /css/my.css, and that turns up not found. Which makes sense to me. because the css pages are in /app/webroot/css/


I cant figure out whats goin on. the .htaccess files are there. Maybe i missed iditing some config file? I've tried searching google and other threads but too much bs comes up so i couldnt find anything.



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k, well i just reset my document root to be in app/webroot and it seems to be working pretty well. but im pretty sure thats the recommended for production not development. if anyone wants to explain how they setup their dev environment feel free.

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