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Sendmail issues. Possible to configure alternate SMTP server?

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I'm using the standard mail function in PHP5, which is working fine. However, my problem is that it seems only a few email providers actually accept email from me. Gmail works the best, Yahoo also works, but marks it as bulk. But a bunch of other ones (ISPs, Charter Communications included) do not receive anything what so ever. Is there anything special about the email I'm sending that could be causing them problems? Am I missing something critical in the header that is completely killing it?

I'm basically using it like: mail('to','subject','message','From:someone@somedomain.com');

Should I add anything to the header to ensure it's delivery?

I don't think the domain I'm sending from is an issue. It's a brand new domain and hasn't been marked by any spam lists or anything. I was thinking that I could try sending from a known good SMTP server.


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