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Fatal error: Call to undefined function pg_escape_string()


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I get this error when I run a webapp Im trying to use:


Fatal error: Call to undefined function pg_escape_string() in ...


I know the application works, as Ive been developing and modifying it for a while now. Im trying to get it running on my Linux desktop so editing will be easier.


My server setup:


-Apache2 on Linux (Ubuntu)

-PHP 5.3.2

-PostgreSQL 8.4


PHP IS CONFIGURED to use postgres, I know thats the most obvious thing that stands out with this problem, but I did configure PHP with:


'./configure' '--with-apxs2=/usr/local/apache2/bin/apxs' '--with-pgsql=/opt/PostgreSQL/8.4/'


and in phpinfo It has a section for "PostgreSQL Support"; and if I run php -m pgsql is on the list of installed modules.  I can use other PG commands, and can connect to a postgres server and such.  This function doesnt work though.


Im completely baffled. If it makes any difference, I had PHP 5.3.1 installed earlier, and I got this error; then I downloaded/compiled/installed 5.3.2 to see if it fixed it, but it didn't.


Thanks, any help appreciated.

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It may be configured, but you also have to enabled the extension in the php.ini.  Check that the extension is uncommented (does not have a ; infront) if it is not uncommented, uncomment it and restart the server.

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Tried retyping it...still not working.


I got frustrated (and since Im not extremely farmiliar with Linux) just formatted my entire Ubuntu partition.  I reinstalled pgSQL, Apache, and PHP, and it STILL gives me the same error!


Is this a more widespread problem?  I havent read anything about it anywhere.


If this really can't be fixed, I can write a substitute function for pg_escape_string, but I really want to get this fixed.





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Ok it's a old thread, but it's the first result in google for "pg_escape_identifier undefined function"; so i'm replying.




It's shows : (No version information available, might only be in SVN)


I can't understand why, but it's so. And i also can't use this function. (I use addcslashes($f, '"') instead...)


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