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Display QUERY results horizontal instead of vertical

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using a simple query to pull pictures from a database.  Problem is that my display of the results is vetical and i want it to be horizontal.  See code sample piece below
[b]How to get Results cross page instead of down page?[/b]
<div style="height:100px;">
    while($data = mysql_fetch_array ($queryResultHandle) ) {
      $firstname = stripslashes($data["firstname"]);
      $lastname = stripslashes($data["lastname"]);
      $id = stripslashes($data["id"]);
      $image = stripslashes($data["image"]);
    <img src="<?php echo INSTALLPATH;?>picture/<?php echo $image;?>" width="90" border=0 title="" align="absmiddle">
    echo"<a href=\"" . INSTALLPATH . "page.php?id=$id\">$firstname $lastname</a>"; // generate the hyperlink
    echo"<hr width=50>";
  } // while

Any help will be appreciated

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