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Formatting Number

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I'm trying to format a number to 2 decimal places like currency but when I apply this to a number with a comman in it like 12,233 I get 12.00?  I obviously don't understand how this is working since a comma isn't period and it is rounding.  How can I insure that I'm always getting a two decimal place number.  I used money format but it was dropping the decimal places.  I'm looking for a number like 12,233.00 above.  Thanks

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use number format: like this:
[code=php:0]$number = '12,589';

// remove any spaces/commas
$number = str_replace(array(',', ' '), '', $number);

$number2 = number_format($number, 2, '.', ',');

echo $number2;[/code]

European countries such as france, spain etc use a comma (,) as a decimal seperator rather than a period (.). SO number format is rounding the number. What you should do is remove any commas/spaces from the number. Then pass the number into the format_number function.

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you need to strip the comma out before you run your format on it. in PHP, numbers [b]do not[/b] contain commas, so you've got to try to get it down to the digits only if possible:
$num = "12,233";
$num = preg_replace('|,|', '', $num);
echo number_format($num, 2);

hope that helps

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