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MySQL installation on Win XP

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Hello All,


I recently downloaded MySQL 3.23 as well as php 4.3 so that I could test my scripts locally without having to upload to my web server all the time. Which brings me to the problem I am having now....


I am reading over the MySQL manual but I easily got lost.....I am running Win XP and I made sure I downloaded the one for my system but now that I ran the setup and all the files are there....How do I start it??


I know stop laughing! :lol: It\'s a truly newbie question but I cant seem to find the answer.....


Thanks In Advance


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Ok I guess u myst be having a mysql directory in ur c:mysqlbin


Now in that \"winmysqladmin.exe\" run this exe and u will see the mysql in your system tray. Now if u click on it u will see all ur settings etc.


Now if u want to create database go to command prompt






mysql> use test


mysql> create table...command


I guess this helps?

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