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Hmmm. Well I think one thing you absolutely need is a photo of each "product." I see that you know the lowest price for each product, I was wondering you you get income for directing visitors to the sellers site. I don't really get what 'Clickrewrite' is or what the name has to do with what's going on the web page.


"Welcome to Click Rewrite! At Clickrewrite.com, search and learn about the clickbank product reviews, digital product reviews, stats, and product ratings." -- As a new visitor I'm turned off by the fact that you assume I know what a clickbank product is. I thought it was clickrewrite  :confused:


The page layout is clean and the information is positioned predictably (in a good way). But it's also bland... I feel like I'm on a cookie cutter forum or something. I think you need to add photos and really work on a good intro page to describe exactly what's going on n this site.

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Yeah i total agree with the guy above me on everything. ... you seem to have a lot of tags on each product. i really do not think that will help out on seo as much as you think. google has a great article on how to get better rank.


you can not speed up the indexing of the pages, but you can use http://www.google.com/webmasters/ to submit your page and find out more issues with your site.

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