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Smarty problem

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// Sorry to ask here but smarty.php.net forums is down.
// If anybody can get this simple array to work with smarty would be greatly appreciated.
// It works extremely simple html wise. Just save this in your directory and view it.
// Getting it to work with smarty is a different story, though I'm sure it's easy.
        $main_array = Array(
                                                "Miscellaneous" => Array("Backup" => "backup.php", "Words" => "words.php"),
                                                "Forums" => Array("Community" => "forums.php"),
                                                "Downloads" => Array("Downloads" => "download.php?mode=dl", "Uploads" => "downloads.php?mode=upload", "Rate File" => "downloads.php?mode=rate"),
                        "User Management" => Array("View Users" => "users.php")
        while( list($cat, $descfile) = each($main_array) )
                while( list($action, $file)     = each($descfile) ) {

                        echo("<a href=$file >$action</a><br>");


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