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unexpected $ error

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i just tried the pagination tutorial on phpfreaks.com.. and it doesnt work.. i get a unexpect $ error.. heres the code i have for the pagination:

[code]<table width="150" align="right">
<b> Your Bulletins:</b><br>
<div class="section" width="150" align="right">
        <h5 class="heading">
            Bulletins    |<a href=postComment.php>Post Bulletin</a>|
$user = $_SESSION[username];
$queryF="SELECT * FROM friends WHERE `username` = '$_SESSION[username]' AND `accepted` = 'yes'";

$limit = 5;

if(empty($bpage)){    // Checks if the $page variable is empty (not set)
        $bpage = 1;      // If it is empty, we're on page 1

    $limitvalue = $bpage * $limit - ($limit);
    // Ex: (2 * 25) - 25 = 25 <- data starts at 25

$queryB="SELECT count(*) FROM `bulletins` WHERE `from` = '$poster' ORDER by 'id' DESC LIMIT $limitvalue, $limit";


$totalrows = mysql_num_rows($resultB); 

    if(mysql_num_rows($resultB) == 0){
        echo("No Bulletins have been posted!");
while($row = mysql_fetch_array($resultB)){
if($bpage != 1){
        $pageprev = $bpage--;
        // Fancy way of subtracting 1 from $page
        echo("<a href=\"$PHP_SELF&page=$pageprev\">PREV".$limit."</a> "); 
        /* Tip: It is a good idea NOT to use $PHP_SELF in this link. It may work,
but to be 99.9% sure that it will, be sure to use the actual name of the file
this script will be running on. Also, the  adds a space to the end of
PREV, and gives some room between the numbers. */
        echo("PREV".$limit." ");
        // If we're on page 1, PREV is not a link

    $numofpages = $totalrows / $limit;
    /* We divide our total amount of rows (for example 102) by the limit (25). This

will yield 4.08, which we can round down to 4. In the next few lines, we'll
create 4 pages, and then check to see if we have extra rows remaining for a 5th
page. */
    for($i = 1; $i <= $numofpages; $i++){
    /* This for loop will add 1 to $i at the end of each pass until $i is greater
than $numofpages (4.08). */
        if($i == $bpage){
            echo($i." ");
            echo("<a href=\"$PHP_SELF&bpage=$i\">$i</a> ");

if(($totalrows % $limit) != 0){
    /* The above statement is the key to knowing if there are remainders, and it's
all because of the %. In PHP, C++, and other languages, the % is known as a
Modulus. It returns the remainder after dividing two numbers. If there is no
remainder, it returns zero. In our example, it will return 0.8 */
        if($i == $bpage){
            echo($i." ");
            echo("<a href=\"$PHP_SELF&bpage=$i\">$i</a> ");
        /* This is the exact statement that turns pages into link form that is used

above */
    }  // Ends the if statement

    if(($totalrows - ($limit * $bpage)) > 0){
    /* This statement checks to see if there are more rows remaining, meaning there
are pages in front of the current one. */
        $pagenext  = $bpage++;
        // Fancy way of adding 1 to page
        echo("<a href=\"$PHP_SELF?bpage=$pagenext\">NEXT".$limit."</a>");
        /* Since there are pages remaining, this outputs NEXT in link form. */
        /* If we're on the last page possible, NEXT will NOT be displayed in link
form. */
    /* This line is not required, since MySQL will free the result after all
scripts have finished executing; however, it's a nice little backup. */

echo "<table bgcolor=#99CCFF width=200><tr bgcolor=#548099><td height=28><b><font color=white>From: <a href='getInfo.php?user=" . $row['from'] . "'>" . $row['from'] . "</a></b><br><b>Date: </b>" .$row['date'];
echo "</b></font></td></tr></table>";
echo "<table bgcolor=#99CCFF width=200><tr bgcolor=#356B8B><td height=25><center><a href=\"showBulletin.php?id=".$row['id']."\">Subject:  ".$row['subject']."</a></center>";
  echo "</td></tr></table><hr>";

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[code]$user = $_SESSION[username];[/code]
should be[code]$user = $_SESSION['username'];[/code]for a start.

as for the error message.. please, it's not hard to fix those..

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It's invalid syntax, so it needs fixing. I never said it was anything to do with the problem.

Don't argue with me about it, argue with PHP ;) Turn E_NOTICE on and wait for the "Notice: Use of undefined constant username - assumed 'username'" error ;)

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did you tried to open this with a php editor? It will probably highlight the error code. This looks like a missing dot or semi colon problem.

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