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Making a JS menu appear on top of an embeded WMV

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Hi guys,

I have been told that this is not possible from a friend but I want to get more than one persons opinion on this. I basically have an embeded WMV movie on a page. There is a menu above it that has drop-downs and -when the video is playing - these menus appear 'behind' the video.

You can see this example at http://bankslyon.sqcms.co.uk/video.php. You will notice that the menu is in front of the movie if it is stopped or it finishes.

Thx in advance

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not 100% sure if it's the same issue, but worth a try...

sounds like the same problem as when drop downs try to appear over the top of <SELECT> elements in IE. the way around it? there are a few methods, but the one that seems to work best is to slip an absolutely positioned IFRAME behind your drop down menu (ie, lower zIndex), and use javascript to resize the iframe to the size of the dropdown.
here's an example:

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