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Inserting Multiple Records at once

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I need to create a form through which a user can input multiple records and submit them all at once. Ideally, it would be like when using a Microsoft Access form where you tab through the fields in a records and when you get to the end it automatically takes you to a new record. If that's not possible, I could create multiple text fields but there's no predicting how many records will need to be inserted each time.


Specifically, I run a dart route and we take stats at each dart tournament. So, I have a database with one table PLAYERS, another table STATS and another table TOURNEYS. Stats can be either Cricket or 01 (type C or O). If a player is out in two matches, they may only have 4 Cricket stats and 2 01 Stats. If they last until the finals, they could have 10 or more of each. I want to create a form where the user can input stats as follows:


Name, Tourney, C, 2.2

Name, Tourney, O, 35

Name, Tourney, O, 102

Name, Tourney, C, 1.9

Name, Tourney, C, 2.1

Name, Tourney, O, 56

then hit "submit" and all those records are updated in the one table.


I saw on the Dreamweaver Forum some instructions on how to do this in ASP, but being pretty new to this, some direction with the tools I'm using would be much more helpful.


Thanks, any help will be much appreciated.

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