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new portfolio, Im bored with old one, and its a little confusing


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Most of the ppl on here are more coders than designers, with exception of 1, and thats perhaps what they should have on their portfolios.  They should be charging ppl to write the lines of code they cant.  Have a look at Andy-H...he addressed an issue i had in 10 minutes.  And its something that was simple for him but i couldnt achieve without knowing php myself.


Now if you asked me to show you Laplace Transforms and O.D.E's i would be able to help haha.  Web designers are normally a packaged deal.  If your portfolio was to showcase your ability to write code, i would say strive for the most interactive site out.


I reckon the guys on here should start a site to freelance sort codes to ppl.  Charge $10 for a simple code and im sure heaps of ppl would be interested.  Perhaps even implement code for $20.  That sort of money for help is cheap, even to young ppl.  And its not like it would take long to do.

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