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[Java] Comparison of PHP and Java

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I am nearing the end of my MSc thesis which dealt with JSP and JSF used to create an online graphical UI for data drawn from a mysql db (a stats package).  At the last moment I've been asked to produce an in depth report on the benefits of PHP in comparison with these.  I haven't found anything very useful despite a lot of searching online. 

If anyone has any links or ideas for material that may help with this it would be very greatly appreciated - someone, somewhere must have produced a document detailing the benefits of each, I just need to find it!

Thanks in advance.

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I was going to go off and say that you're comparing dissimilar technologies, but then I realized that JSP does indeed do the same thing as PHP. Close enough, anyway. (I was thinking you were talking about Java on it's own.) So I had an excellent analogy, but now it's wasted.

[b]Edit:[/b] I'm going to go ahead and include my analogy anyway. I can't let something like this go to waste, dammit.

[quote]You'd really be comparing apples and oranges. Except it's even more different than that.

It's like comparing apples and pine cones. They're both fruit (yes, pine cones are fruit... wikipedia it if you don't believe me) , but used for very different things. Pine cones are used for throwing at things and people, whereas apples are used for eating. And, I suppose, throwing at things and people. But primarily eating. (Tangent: I had a lot of fun thinking up that analogy. And I learned a lot about pine cones. Wikipedia rocks.)[/quote]

I take it all back, though. My bad.

As for the problem at hand, I'm afraid I haven't seen any such document. Just so you weren't wondering if I forgot the link or something.

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