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Dreamweaver 8: Concealing PHP Libraries

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for security and state of mind I want to put all my library code (php, config files, etc) outside of my public_html.

Anybody using dreamweaver that can tell me how to set up the site file structure and site management to do this?


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sorry for late reply, just noticed this one...
all you need to do is set up a LOCAL public_html in your site folder and omit the 'host directory' when you set up your site. most often, the root of your site when you set up a site without a host directory is one level above your public_html. my local structure tends to be like:

-+local project folder
-----  index.php

only issue i have when working in this way is that testing scripts outside of your DOCROOT cant be done by calling the scripts directly (ie, preview in browser). I tend to work within the docroot during development, with the intention of moving the files outside at a later stage. Also, preview in browser will add 'public_html' into the URL, but easy enough to workaround by keeping your browser open in the background and refreshing it when you want it checked.

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