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almost all the way there, need a php boost

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My site is so close to being ready(database-wise), but I just can't seem to figure out the profile creation aspect of it. I have (signup.php, login.php, memberarea.php, changephoto.php, changesetting.php) all working without problem. The member is in my database and can change all of thier info and photo. Then view those changes in "memberarea.php.
Now I'm working on my site's search engine and I've realized my members have no actual page, ID, or place to assign the link to them in the search results. So my visitors can see who's there, but not go to them.<--(this be my problem)
Do I need to create a subdomain for each musician? Or
Do they just get a special id#, and this id# is what MYSQLs thier info and photos into my templates when visitor tries to view that member's profile?

As it stands, my members have a profile that they can view and change when they login and click "Your Profile". But no one else can view it because I don't understand how to give the Member an identity that would be viewable by visitors browsing the sight.
What am I missing to make it to where visitors can view my members various profiles?
I know time and info are valuable things. Thanx to all responders in advance.

P.S. not sure if i'm allowed to post my site url here, but if I can let me know and i will. You will see more clearly what i mean.

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select the information form the database where id='$id'

then do a wile loop $record=myql_fetch_assoc($result);

then a link to the members information <a href"=members_information.php?id='$id'";>look at your information</a>

then on members_information

do a query like select * form xxxx where id='".$_GET['id']."'";

then a while loop to show members information via the link echo $result['information'];

good luck.

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I don't know how your tables are set up but you can just use the primary key in your user or musician database to identify each person.  Just create a link to a page that houses the profile or whatever else and make sure to append the musician id to that.  On that page, create a query that takes the musician ID from the URL using $_GET and query against that.

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