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Login / Kept Logged in Questions

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Posted 13 September 2006 - 10:59 PM

I am running XP with latest Apache and PHP 5. 
First I am a bit confused - I see at DDG various tutorials on sessions and cookies for PHP; but it appears the Apache server is handling the security now.

Essentially I can connect to the server and view anything without any security required.  I am running an app that writes to a MySql database.  Whenever I try to update something the browser login/password comes up and I need to fill it in - keeps me in for the session. 

I was playing with FORMS TO GO - to create a simple page to write info into a text box and then it writes out to a text file  - the same security came up.

1) I am reading info about .htaccess - no idea if that is the direction, but based on the tasks above - can I keep the security for the MySql APP - but when it comes to the simple page (info from text box to a textfile) can I have it so NO security is asked when I submit the info?

2) If I want to sign in and keep myself logged in forever (say from my cell phone; or home) - would this be considered a COOKIE related task?  Would I be shifting my focus from Apache to PHP?  Or is there something in Apache that would handle this?

In the end I want to be logged into my server to VIEW/UPDATE - but once signed in, kept signed in.  Today I always need to sign in when I update and anyone could view my stuff since there is no security on the view side.

(The authorization box suggests "DAV" - webdav - but not sure if that merely is being read by the router)


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