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2 unrelated php questions... folder names and id3 tags

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2 unrelated questions here...

how can I set a variable to contain the folder in which the current php file is being read from? for instance...


how could I get a variable to contain "omglol"?


Also, can php read mp3 ID3 tags? If so, how?


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[quote author=zanus link=topic=107972.msg433951#msg433951 date=1158213935]
Question 1
yes, use dirname($path);

Question 2
yes, id3_get_tag($filename);

so... if I put...

echo $path;

that should echo the folder of the file I'm reading?

also, can you explain id3_get_tag($filename); some more? There are many ID3 tags, which does that function retrieve? I'd want to seperate artist, title, album, etc.

edit: I see that the id3 thing sets the id3 parts as an array, so I got that, and I just got the directory code working using this code:
echo "$page is in $dir";

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