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insert multiple records(lets see who good at their stuff)

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We're not here to write you're code for you

if you want that check out the PHP Freelancers form
there are plenty of people willing to do it....but it might cost ya...who knows

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If you want to insert all the fields in to same table try this

insert into `table name` (id,empid) values(id,$empid);

if($name $$ $name)
update 'table name' set name ='$name' where id ='id value' //Here i am assuming that u r not doing auto incrementing of the id .so here u have to insert previous id ur are using for empid.
here u have to write an insert query

same for other fields also.

If in case u want to insert into different  tabel it is much easier than previous one

Just write an insert query for each and every field.

Hope it will helps

Cheers :)

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