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Yabsoft image hosting script modification

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Yabsoft staff is awful when handling some situations and sadly mine is one of those "some".
I've been trying to edit image uploading site to look as much as possible as imageshack.us, mostly because that is a pretty good hosting site. So here are the problems that I've come up with:
1. One of the most bugging problems was not being able to remove the "details" bar from the image thumbnail. For everyone eho is used to iamgeshack that is the bar that displays the image height and width and of course, it's size in kb. I can setup this feature in the admin panel to "yes" - use the feature-, "no" and "user select" which basicly lets users choose if they want to remove that bar. Unfortunately the third option which was important to me cannot be used.
2. Resizing the image before upload. I believe that is a difficult task and should be done by proffesionals but I'm giving it a shot and asking you if there could be a possibility to actually modify the current script so I could add some image resizing like imageshack.
Sorry if my demands are too much to ask but I hope to find at least some 'good' feedback after all this.

If you think you can help me and need more info please contact me: contact [at]imageshuttle[dot]com

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We sincerely apologize for your inconvenience!
I didn't recieve your inquery on your issues! If you are our client,you can get email support and forum support from us! We are happy to assist you on your issues!

about 1).After you choose "user select",there should be a tick box appearing aside the upload button! User can tick or untick it to print the details bar or not!
2).Now our script only support resizing the images after upload!

If you have any questions,please contact us [url=http://yabsoft.com/contact.php]here[/url] and join client [url=http://yabsoft.com/forum/]support forum[/url]

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