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MySpace friend train

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I found this free php script from smarterscripts.com which has a mysql backend.  Everything seems to work except for when I try to do a paypal transaction and I get this error.

Error: Can not perform query select count(*) as count from whore_purchase where user_id = 2 and myspace_id = '106639184' and train_id = 10 and train_position = 1 and round = 67 and transaction_status = 'requested'. Unknown column 'user_id' in 'where clause'

It seems that smarterscripts are out of business or something since I can no longer find them on the internet or link to their site so we are on our own.  Since this is a free script and it says so at the top of each page I am willing to give the script to anyone willing to help.
The website is http://www.bitbucket.info/WhoreTrain_v1/WhoreTrain_v1.  I would like to see this running for my sanity sake and to provide a friend train for my website.  Any help is appreciated.


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I'm guessing that the table called "whore_purchase" (!) has no such column.

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