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Problem with Session Vars

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Hi All,

just a short question:

Have you ever had problems with $_SESSION[] - variables not getting transmitted in certain browsers??

I made a while ago a pretty long input-mask for a client which leads over 4 pages, the data gets stored using session-vars so i don't have to transmit them from page to page using get or post-vars. This should be a legitimate way to do, no? So my client just informed me that he has a new mac with a new safari installation (2.0.4 or so) and that on this browser no data is getting transmitted. I checked a lot of browser and all i checked mac/pc worked fine.

Do you now anything about problems with browsers having problems with session-vars??
Is it critical to use session vars for storing data? I thought this is a safe way to do..

thx for any inputs.

peace poly

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All session variables are written on the server and interpolated before they are downloaded. PHP exports to HTML (usually) so there should be no reason that the sessions are not being stored. That's the great thing about PHP.

If your client's having difficulties it might be because:
A) Your client's stupid (happens very frequently) ;)
B) There's something in your script that you know how to navigate around, which is causing problems for your client.

I'd go for option A most of the time though...

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Probably you are right.. althoug it's a really nice client, but i never thought about his IQ  :D

now, so far it's clear to me that php is handled by the server and not by the browser but somehow the browser has to handle the session-vars as well no?

i really cannot imagine what the problem is.. i pass the the variables through a form using POST and store them in session-vars.. what simpler can you do? hmm 

but thx for the answer anyway.

by the way.. this was your 500th post.. hurray!

peace poly

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