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Comparing two arrays and sending mail

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I am currently trying to build a small mailing list. In the mysql table storing the subscribers info (called members), I have a field called groups. This field is populated from checklists and using serialize to store the values. (I know I shouldnt do it this way, but it has worked for the rest of the mailing list).

I have created the page to send mail and on that the users checks what groups they want to send to. These results are sent to the form with $_POST['groups_input'].

What I need help with is taking the array from the _POST, breaking it down by individual group, and comparing each of those to the array stored in the groups database. If there is a match than it would send the email.

Im guessing to start I need to do something like this to break down the _POST into individual groups and put all the code in between the brackets :

$selected_list = unserialize($groups_selected);
foreach($selected_list as $list_group)


Im new with all this and help would be very appreciated!

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Something like this?


$their_POST = array(1, 4, 99);
$database_result = array(
1 => array('aaron', 'bob'),
2 => array('bob', 'laura'),
3 => array('jean', 'john'),
4 => array('jim', 'bill'),

foreach ($their_POST as $key => $group_number) {
if (is_array($emails = $database_result[$group_number])) {
echo join(', ', $emails), '<br/>';
else {
echo 'Invalid group</br>';



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