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multidim array query function

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i've written a function to help me store the results of a sql query into a multidimensional array. the function seems to be working ok, but i was wondering if there is a better way to do this from an OBDC referenced database? did i miss anything?
function execute_sql($cmd){

$connection = db_connect();
$rs = odbc_exec($connection,$cmd);
if (!$rs){ exit("Error in SQL"); }

if (odbc_fetch_row($rs)){
$rows = odbc_num_rows($rs);

if ($rows <= 1){
$answer[] = odbc_fetch_array($rs, 1); }
else {
for ($k = 0; $k <= $rows; $k++){
$answer[] = odbc_fetch_array($rs, $k); }

if (!empty($answer)) { return $answer; }
else { return false; }

if we're querying for say: fname, lname; this returns a result in the form of:
print $answer[0]['fname'] . $answer[0]['lname']; // John Doe
print $answer[1]['fname'] . $answer[1]['lname']; // Jane Dough
print $answer[2]['fname'] . $answer[2]['lname']; // Mister Tea
// ...etc.

any ideas what im missing?

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