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Anyone know how to convert OpenOffice DB to MySQL? Any other format?

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Yesterday my brother came to me with an Open Office Database file. Among everything in the file, he had a few sections that were basically excel looking spread sheet type tables with his inventory in them.


I messed with the Open Office program and I can't find a way to export his content into any other file format. I can parse a CSV or the like to get it into MySQL, but I just can't figure out how to get the content into a different file format.


Anyone else do this before? suggestions? Alternative programs to OpenOffice that could let me export in other formats?


Thanks in advance!

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Try this from the open office help:

Exporting data from Base

You copy a table from Base to a new Calc sheet, then you can save or export the data to any file format that Calc supports.

1. Open the database file that contains the database table to be exported. Click Tables to view the tables, or click Queries to view the queries.

2. Choose File - New - Spreadsheet.

3. In the Base window, right-click the name of the table to export. Choose Copy from the context menu.

4. Click cell A1 in the new Calc window, then choose Edit - Paste.

Now you can save or export the data to many file types.


Once it's in the spreadsheet you can save it as csv and import it into mysql.  I fail to see why O.O doesn't have an sql export feature straight from the database interface.


Also you should be able to save those forms as html or xhtml. Not sure if the output is very web friendly but give it a shot and let us see what it looks like.

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