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DW MX 2004 problem with PHP pages

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I searched the forum and couldn't find this problem anywhere.



XP Pro SP2 and Dreamweaver MX 2004 version 7



When working with PHP pages in DW the system hangs up, freezes, whatever you want to call it whenever I click on anything in the document window. I do not get the same results when working on any other kind of page.


I have searched all of Macromedia Support and everywhere else I can think of and found nothing aout this.


Recently, I had a problem with connecting to mySQL. I kept getting an unidentified error. I found one little post in a forum from 03 and I changed my MMHTTPTB.php file from "./mysql.php" to "mysql.php" on line 15. Suddenly, all my connections worked fine.


My other problem had been occuring to some extent before I made this change but seems to have gotten worse since then.


One other recent change was downloading FlexBuilder but I doubt this has anything to do with it.


Anyone know anything that would help? Thanks ahead of time for the help!



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Try reinstalling Dreamweaver, updating your virus scan and scanning, scanning for spyware, etc. Reboot your comp.


Reinstalling Dreamweaver should make the biggest difference.

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