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MySQL onto a web page

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Hi, I'm very new to dreamweaver and MySQL, and although I have set up my database, and have it all connected down the side of Dreamweaver, I do not know how to put it in to a webpage (and can't find anywhere which tells me how to, only how to set up connections, which I've done).


Please can you give me a little step-by-step guide, or point me in the right direction of one.


I really need to know how to search fields and display them on the page.


Cheers in advance,



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think of it this way (i hope i'm not simplifying too much, but based on your question, i'm assuming no prior knowledge):


1. what do i want to pull from my database? (SQL query)

2. where do i want to store the results until i display them? ($result variable)

3. how do i look through my results and display them? (while loop)


let's pretend that you simply have a small table called 'Names' with the following info:


ID | Name
1  | George
2  | Ralph
3  | Sandra 


First, what do i want to pull -- in this case, i just want to list all the names:

$sql = "SELECT Name FROM Names";

Next, i store the results so i can loop through them:

$results = mysql_query($sql, $conn);

Once i have the data, let's loop through and print each individual record:

while ($result = mysql_fetch_array($results)) {
   $name = $result['Name'];
   echo $name . "<br />";


this will list through all the names you have pulled from the database.


hope this helps get you started!

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Thank you! No prior knowledge. That has helped a lot. Going to go and fiddle with some things.


Thanks again.



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