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PHP: Storing Time


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So, on my website, i have added a "last active" feature, so if someone is surfing the site, they can view when another users last page visit was.


so, every second, +1 is added to the $ts variable


what i have now, working and all, shows ONLY "NOW!", or ONLY "1 second", ONLY "___ seconds ago"... and so on


I have tred over, and over, and over to fix this to my liking, with more instances available, as an example, my current script will show somebody who is 13 months and 26 days inactive, just as "1 year", i want to see the "1 year, 1 month, and 26 days inactive"... or even simpler, just so it displays days/minutes/seconds/NOW!


function howlongtil($ts) {
   $ts=$ts - time();
   if ($ts<1)
       // <1 second
       return " NOW";
   elseif ($ts==1)
       // <1 second
       return $ts." second";
   elseif ($ts<60)
       // <1 minute
       return $ts." seconds";
    elseif ($ts<120)
       // 1 minute
      return "1 minute";
    elseif ($ts<60*60)
       // <1 hour
       return floor($ts/60)." minutes";
   elseif ($ts<60*60*2)
       // <2 hour
       return "1 hour";
     elseif ($ts<60*60*24)
       // <24 hours = 1 day
       return floor($ts/(60*60))." hours";
     elseif ($ts<60*60*24*2)
       // <2 days
       return "1 day";
     elseif ($ts<(60*60*24*7))
       // <7 days = 1 week
         return floor($ts/(60*60*24))." days";
   elseif ($ts<60*60*24*30.5)
       // <30.5 days ~  1 month
       return floor($ts/(60*60*24*7))." weeks";
     elseif ($ts<60*60*24*365)
       // <365 days = 1 year
       return floor($ts/(60*60*24*30.5))." months";
       // more than 1 year
       return floor($ts/(60*60*24*365))." years";


anyone know how? :shrug:

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If you're on PHP >= 5.3, I suggest http://us3.php.net/manual/en/datetime.diff.php as it can take months into account accurately I believe.


(Otherwise, I would just assume a month is 30 days)


lets s = the number of seconds since the user was last active


years = floor(s/31536000)

s -= years*31536000;


months = floor(s/2592000)

s -= months*2592000;


days = floor(s/86400)


You get the idea hopefully.

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