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Fatal error: require() [function.require]...(include_path='.')


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trying to use a require but not working properly


Fatal error: require() [function.require]: Failed opening required 'get_extra.php?id=1' (include_path='.')


first thing set on page is.. page is profile.php?id=1

$userid = $_GET['id'];


code is:

require "get_extra.php?id=$userid";


what can i do to fix this?



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First off, bad grammar is annoying.  Clean it up.  Secondly, your code is messy.  You should be using single quotes for speed and readability, the require function should be called as a function, and there's no point in using a $userid variable -- just use the $_GET var.


Now on to the actual problem -- does get_extra.php exist in the same directory as the file you're trying to include it from?

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