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contact form help

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Need help setting up a contact form, my biggist problem is I would like a drop down box for differnt contact emails

Example would be to: support or Sales or Admin. for the fields and each one would go to a diifernt email account


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Use the dropdown value to reference an array of email addresses in the php script. The html form will not display the email addresses.

Part of the html script is a simple dropdown:

[code]Email to:
<select name="whoto">
<option value="1">Support</option>
<option value="2">Sales</option>
<option value="3">Admin</option>

Part of the processing script
$whoto = $_POST['whoto'];
$mails = array("", "support@there.com", "sales@here.com", "admin@nowhere.com");
$mailto = $mails[$whoto]; // send the mail to

... rest of the contact form processing ...

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