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I was following the tutorial here: http://www.phpfreaks.com/tutorials/40/5.php

And somewhere in the tutorial it said I would be able to download the files at the end. I couldn't see the link though to download them at the end can someone help please?



EDIT: Sorry I just noticed this is in the wrong forum can someone move it for me please.

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Actually, it's kind of the right forum.  Anything you see that is wrong with the actual workings of the site can be reported here.  I'm not completely sure why the code isn't listed as a download at the end of that script.  It could be that it was never included.  I will look into that if I get a chance, but one of our other admins may beat me to it.

EDIT: And just FYI, we're currently working on the main site to fix things like this, so please check back in the future and things will hopefully be better!

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