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Call variable stored in session inside a class

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Sorry my PHP skills are very limited but I have tried for a while with this problem and haven't suceeded so I'm hoping someone can help me (if I can explain my problem in words that make sense  :-\ ).

Inside a function I have created a variable and saved it to the session ID using the following code:

[code]$_SESSION['current_price'] = $stripped3;[/code] where $stripped3 is a variable that I've stripped of tags and trimmed.

When I call that variable on another page on the site that doesn't include the function using the echo function it displays correctly.

If I try and call that variable inside a class the variable has a value of 0. Below is the code I am using to try and compare 2 variables:

[code]if ($products_ship_price > $current_price)
$this->shiptotal = ($products_ship_price);
$this->shiptotal = ($current_price);[/code]

How do I call the variable $current_price from a function and use it in this class?

I hope this makes sense.

Thanks in advance!

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Ok solved my own problem 5 mins after I posted this even though I've spent hours trying before!

All I had to do was reference the variable with:


Probably an incorrect way of doing things but it works! Yay.

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