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review website again..


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FYI, I'm Using Firefox . . .


I like the logo graphic, and I like the font you used in the main body text graphic.

However, I honestly don't like the layout at all; I dislike full-width layouts in general, but:

The feel of the page is that it's somewhat of an "accident".

The clickable graphics for 'introduction', 'topic index', etc. are all out of line, and not in a way that looks intentional. They also overwhelm the search field by their size.

The text inputs are too far apart up in the corners like that, and it makes the whole thing look rather non-contiguous.

The submit button for the register field is below the text field, and the button for login is beside the text fields.

There is no indication of what the text field for register is to be used for. Probably better to consolidate and just put an "or Register" text link with the login fields.

The color used in the header and footer are different from the color in the main body, but not enough to look as though it was intentional.


Getting this error:

Error: document.hr1 is undefined

Source File: http://www.stackway.com/time.js

Line: 26


Not trying to be overly critical, just honest. That's what I would want from people.

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