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Please can anyone help me with Mysql?

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Im new to mysql, the only database i have experience with is Microsoft Access


Ive got access to a mysql database which is hosted on a paid webhost. My problem is how do i get into the database to create tables etc etc? Ive heard you can use phpmyadmin but i cant get it to work :-(


Most of the tutorials ive read assume you have a mysql server but i just want to use the database on my site...


I would be very grateful if anyone could give me any advice. Bear in mind that I really am a novice at this but Im eager to learn!



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Hi there most shared hosts will let you have acces to phpmyadmin.


This is the most common way to get there via shared hosting accounts.




If it works try your user and pass that you signed up your shared hosting account.

note the capital M & A this is default don\'t use myadmin.

If this does\'nt work send your hosting co an email and ask them what to do :D

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