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if statement for importing into mysql database.


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Hi everyone,


I am currently making a page for a friend to upload a bunch of photos at a time.


I was quite pleased that after a bit of googling and trial and error, I figured out how to do this so that multiple records could be added to my table with one submit button.


However, my form has 10 browse iconcs. A few tests have revealed that my problem is that if only one picture is uploaded, I still get 9 entries in my database, which I don't want.


My question is how can I alter the code so that a row is only populated in the database if an image is uploaded.


I guess something that sort of says :




populate that row in the table










...and the same for $imgx002 through to $imgx010



The current query is below. Any pointers are much appreciated.


$query = "INSERT INTO photo_uploads (date, photo_name)" . "VALUES (NOW(), '$imgx'), (NOW(), '$imgx002'), (NOW(), '$imgx003'), (NOW(), '$imgx004'), (NOW(), '$imgx005'), (NOW(), '$imgx006'), (NOW(), '$imgx007'), (NOW(), '$imgx008'), (NOW(), '$imgx009'), (NOW(), '$imgx010')";

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If you name the form file fields such as image1 through to image 10 then it is easy. You need to put your upload functions within the loop, but I guess if you are uploading 10 images in 1 form there is already a loop in your script. You should be able to understand this code:


// loop from 1 to 10 and upload each image
for($x = 1; $x <= 10; $x++) {
	// if file field has been completed
	if(strlen($_FILES['image'.$x]['name'])) {	
		// code here to upload file
		// ..........
		// this needs completing
		// $upload = true / false

		// test if file upload was successful
		if($upload == true) {
                                // add to database
			$result = mysql_query("INSERT INTO photo_uploads SET date=NOW(), photo_name='".mysql_real_escape_string($_FILES['image'.$x]['name'])."'");

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