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php and video

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Hey guys I'm helping my company make a training video application that shows a video then requires the user to answer questions based on what they saw. I was thinking about using php to do this and then to stream the video over the network. is this a good idea? I know that php would work well to do the testing part but I guess I'm more worried about how well video is streamed over the net, or even if there is a better way to achieve this. thanks in advance

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Don't know how good it is but just googled this...


Only other way would be to have an interactive flash file playing the videos and displaying the questions at the same time.

The method you suggest involves watching the whole clip and then answering questions if that is want you want then carry on; the flsh file on the other hand would allow you to break everthing up a bit - have questions at the end of each section etc and use teh answer to display teh next video - which it could be downloading in the background while the user answers questions...

It all depends on the look and feel of teh site - flash will give you much more control in terms of interactivity but its not totally necessary

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