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Compiler: A Split() problem

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I've been doing a little project lately about a compiler, and it works in the following way:
You specify a .txt file and it reads it using a split function for all the document.

So, First i've this variable  $varElementsArray that represents all the txt file. Secondly i make the split
$varElementsArray  = split('[/_._¿_?_ _;_&_+_-_*_,]', $text);

Where i'm dividing the txt into slashes dots Question marks  Semicolon Ampersand Plus Minus Asterisk and Commas it works perfect! But when i try to use the single quote, double quotes, spacelines \n and brackets() it doesn't work.

My objective is to separate the whole text into those symbols so after that i can read every splited variable separated and read my code.
That's the way i think this compiler should work, if there's a better way to do it I would like to learn it


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Maybe there is another function that can separate my variable just like the split function?

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