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I have made a website that people can go to and create like pages for Faceboook and people can like them. I am currently changing the format of the website. I need to work on a way to make a dynamic directory so Facebook can tell the difference between like.php?id=1 and like.php?id=2 the only way I can do this is to make a directory for every like would which use alot of space. So if its dynamic its only one page, so it would be like/2 and Facebook would read it.


Here is the link to my website: New Format, Old format

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Look into "mod_rewrite" to create the dynamic URLs.


Looking at the site itself though, personally I prefer the old format (out of the 2). Rounded corners can obviously give a design a smoother appearance, but you seem to have gone backwards? I'd put them back in, just much smaller and less noticeable. Also you've added huge adverts everywhere.. they really don't help it!


The different colours, fonts and styles used throughout the website don't work well together. For example in the header you have some shiny blue, reflective text; but then in the footer you have standard plain Times New Roman text, right next to a colourful Arial font or something link?


When hovering over items in the navigation they display a very out of place orange/yellow background image, with the text in an odd position. It's nice to have effects like that, but done badly they make a site worse IMO.


The search bar.. just doesn't look like a text box. If I weren't paying a lot of attention to the site, I doubt I'd have noticed that was even there.


In the source you seem to have a lot of the facebook mark-up language, which you should be aware isn't valid HTML and only has any significance to their applications... not external websites. Obviously that means your website won't validate as HTML. Another point is you're using deprecated HTML tags like <center>.


I'll be honest I don't entirely understand the point of this website; why would anyone care about what people like on Facebook? You even get told what your friends like on your feed page thing.

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