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Doctrine 2 - problems with the "Getting Started XML-Edition" cookbook


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I've never used Doctrine before, so I decided to try out Doctrine 2 and went to this tutorial, which seems to be the one for starting out: http://www.doctrine-project.org/projects/orm/2.0/docs/cookbook/getting-started-xml-edition/en


At the stage "Generating the Database Schema" however, when running the doctrine tool on the command line I am getting the fatal error: Failed opening required 'Doctrine\Common\Cli\Configuration.php'. Looking at the sample cli-config.php code, this seems to be because the class in question does not exist anywhere within the Doctrine library.


Any ideas on how to get this working?


The code:

$cliConfig = new Doctrine\Common\Cli\Configuration();
$cliConfig->setAttribute('em', $entityManager);

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Doctrine 2 is currently under active development. Some interfaces still do change, and the official documentation is not always up-to-date. It concerns especially the additional editions, such as "XML Edition". I think you should take a look at the official manual, because it seems to be updated more frequently, and simply - you have to stay patient.

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