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trying to load images from mySQL

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How can i load a picture from a mySQL database using php. The picture is uploaded in a table and then dynamically loaded to a php page. It's attribute in the database table is longblob.
[code]while(list($name, $type, $size, $path) = mysql_fetch_array($imgResult))
    $im = open_image($path);

if ($im === false) {
        die ('Unable to open image');

header ('Content-Type: image/jpeg');
echo 'Opened image';

function open_image($path) {
        # JPEG:
        $im = @imagecreatefromjpeg($path);
        if ($im !== false) { return $im; }

        # GIF:
        $im = @imagecreatefromgif($path);
        if ($im !== false) { return $im; }

        # PNG:
        $im = @imagecreatefrompng($path);
        if ($im !== false) { return $im; }

        # GD File:
        $im = @imagecreatefromgd($path);
        if ($im !== false) { return $im; }

        # GD2 File:
        $im = @imagecreatefromgd2($path);
        if ($im !== false) { return $im; }

        # WBMP:
        $im = @imagecreatefromwbmp($path);
        if ($im !== false) { return $im; }

        # XBM:
        $im = @imagecreatefromxbm($path);
        if ($im !== false) { return $im; }

        # XPM:
        $im = @imagecreatefromxpm($path);
        if ($im !== false) { return $im; }

        # Try and load from string:
        $im = @imagecreatefromstring(file_get_contents($path));
        if ($im !== false) { return $im; }

        return false;

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I am new in PHP, so I don't realy understand what you mean with that script, but when I uploading some images (by FTP functions), i put to MySQL DB only path, where the required picture is located. I also store an orgiginal filename (wallpaper3.jpg) , actual filename (file0018.jpg) which shold be generated by PHP and ID. Than just load info from DB and use <IMG SRC="...">  ;)

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I agree...

What I do is write a script that uploads the image to a specific directory, renaming it using php's date() function. Then, I insert into a database the new name of the uploaded image, as well as any other data I want to associate with the image (comments, who uploaded the image, the upload date, file size, etc.).

Then, when I want to display the image, I run a MySQL query for the information, and use the image name in the database to display the image, like such:

$imagefile = mysql_result($result,$i,"imagefile");

print "<IMG SRC='../images/$imagefile'>";

very simple....

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i've tried that, i've made the attribute a varchar and that would point to the file but the server said it could not find the image on the server.

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