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Getting variable from URL without reloading.

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Posted 18 September 2006 - 07:32 PM

On top of a page, i have this:

<a href="#?page=home" onclick="getData('home.html', 'newseditor')">Home</a>

This will open the page "home.html" into a textarea so the client can edit it from his browser.

Then i have the form, followed by

if(isset($_POST['submit'])) {
	$editted = $_POST['page_to_edit'];
	$fp = fopen($filename, "w") or die ("Could not open $filename. Make sure the file exists.");
	fwrite($fp, $editted);

The problem is here:
$filename = $_GET['page'];

So when he clicks
<a href="#?page=home" onclick="getData('home.html', 'newseditor')">Home</a>

i need to get the variable 'home', but it won't do it.

So, how can i make php know which file is it going to write to?

Thank you.
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