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Include/require problem


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I have a small and annoying problem. Imagine that I have a main folder on my FTP server which has index.php and I then have a php folder for all of my small scripts and an includes folder for misc files. So, for instance






Inside somescript.php, I need to use one of the files from the includes folder, like this for example:




This is all fine, but the problem is when I include the PHP file on my index.php page. Then I am telling PHP to go one step back to find the includes folder, but the problem is that it only needs to go one step back if it PHP script is not included on some page outside of the php folder. If I run php/somescript.php, there is no problem, but if I include php/somescript.php on my index.php, then there is trouble!


I hope you guys understand what I mean. :)


Thanks in advance!


PS - I would appreciate if the solution is not about moving php/somescript.php or using full URLs in my includes. :)

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