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Using variables inside an included file, OOP related.


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Hello. Trying to learn MVC better by creating my own little framework to understand how it works.


Things were going OK til now.


I have a base class:


* Base class most classes will extend from.
* Simply put, this class just has methods that
* most, if not all, classes will need.

class Application {

public function includer($path) {

	if (is_readable($path) == true) {
	} else {
		die("404 not found =[");




So the above method 'includer' just sees if a file exists/is readable and if so, include it.


Here's where I am using said method.


class Index extends Application {

function __construct($method = 'view') {
	// load the index model
	include(ROOT . '/app/models/model.index.php');

	// Invoke requested method.

public function view() {

	$name = 'Smith';
	$this->includer(ROOT . '/app/views/view.index.php');	# Problem here, i think



view.index.php just contains

<?php echo $name; ?>



All that is called from the index page, with this line of code




Now, in line

$this->includer(ROOT . '/app/views/view.index.php');	# Problem here, i think


If i get rid of $this->includer, the script will work and say 'Smith'.


If i have $this->includer(...) or parent::includer(...), it doesn't work.



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$name is local to the view function and you are including the view file in a separate function.  There are multiple ways to do this, but what comes to mind are the following:  You either need to pass the vars to the includer function (maybe as an array) and then extract() them there.  Or better, at some point set a class var $this->data or something and use that when you need it.


I'll give this some more thought after lunch :)

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