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GD Library install help needed

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I need to istall GD Library on a Mac running 10.4.6, Apache 1.3, and PHP 4.4.1.

I have downloaded gd-2.0.33 and tried to confiure and make by following:
1) the included instructions
2) when that didn't work another instruction found online

The second time I was told to download jpgsrc.v6b.tar

I got jpgsrc to configure and make correctly! but still gd had errors I don't understand.

Perhaps this is not even the right place to ask about this, so if anyone knows another forum, has any advice, or has successfully installed GD Library on a similar config please post.

Also if you need any more info I will gladly run through the UNIX comand line process again to try to find more about the errors encountered.

Thank you

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