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Hotel web site *CLOSED*

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I am doing my project-desertation (A web application using PHP&MySQL and Dreamweaver MX 2004 + 30 000 words report) conserning a web site of a Hotel used from both customers(make an on-line booking,payment,cancellation,etc) and owner.


Moreover the owner of the hotel should be able to login the Hotel Management system and view a variety of reports,have access to the database to add/remove rooms,add/remove records,view a variety of statistics,etc.Furthermore I have to think some advance functionalities-features for my web site-system in order to get a high grade and not contain the usual functionalities from existing web sites.


I will really really appreciate for any help-advice that anyone can give me concerning : web sites,books,software or anything else that might help me with my project (eg the reservation system,some advance queries,good templates).

I already ordered "PHP Web Development with Dreamweaver MX 2004" and expect to receive it this Friday.


The only book I found in the internet very close to my project explaining how to do a hotel reservation system was "Dreamweaver MX: PHP Web Development" by Gareth Downes-Powell, Tim Green, Bruno Mairlot but reading all the reviews, and other comments from forums I decided not to buy it since most people are not happy with it.


Thanks anyone who considered reading my post,I am really

looking forward for any reply.



Reginos Zevedeos

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for an extremely handy PHP reference manual, check out O'Reilly's "Programming PHP". it's not much help as a tutorial, but great as a reference

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