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[quote author=sarabjeetdhillon link=topic=108731.msg437711#msg437711 date=1158729240]
hi all there
i need some kind guidance.
i am presently workin with php and smarty
i dont work on oops.
but what i find in other companies is that
most of the work they do is on oops. so do i need to implement oops in my projects
although i feel more comfortable without using oops.

pls guide me what should i do.

the short answer: put it this way, even if you don't use any OOP in your own projects, it's still worth getting to grips with it. before this year, I knew a bit about OOP but never used it for anything, but now I've changed my whole approach. If another company requires OOP and require that you meet their coding standards, then your arms are tied and you need to play by their rules.
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