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Using cURL with my merchant in a second website

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I currently have website No 1 which I use Paypal's payflowlink for processing my payments.

I have designed website No 2 which I wish to do payment processing with as well, but I would prefer not to use the payflowlink process of website No 1 because of the visual setup design.  I was thus looking at the possible use of cURL to facilitate the transactions at website No 2 using the gateway account I already have in use.

I read the tutorial and it makes sense to me, the only question is with the curl_init() the weblink to use in it, I'm unsure about it.  Secondly how do they know that it is me who is processing the payment and not some other bozo?

That's if you think this is possible.

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using curl init you can specify which page will process the payment (your merchnat account page), which page the current request should look like it comes from and which page will handle the result of that process. so basically you are calling the script on your merchant accounts server to run 'in the backgorund' so to speak.

As for trusting you - you need to get a certificate - something like verisign - it will cost but worth it for peace of mind.

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