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Where to put the code?

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Hello eveybody ;D

I have theese PHP script with 4 different files that i want to upload to my webserver, but there is one code in the intergration DOC wich i cant figure out where to put.

Ok, i have a HTML file wich i basicly will upload and use as the main, a CONFIG file wich is used for editing the script, a GETAWAY file wich will prossess the script, and a CSS file for the layout.

It says in the manual that: Simply copy and past this code wherever you want the code to run. And where is that. Do i put it somewhere withing the HTML file, CONFIG, GETAWAY, CSS, or do i put it in a folder by itself. Its just a simple small code wich is needed for the script to work. The first line of the code is: //Rooth path to the folder wher you have uploaded the files// And then the code follows below this line.

Is there someone out the who can help me with where to put this. Thanks ;D

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I suggest you read the instructions again and if you still dont understand, maybe contact the author or post some code.

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