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So, I'm doing some Joomla work....


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I'm doing some small-scale Joomla work for a client.  Most of it is installing and configuring extensions, but it looks like I'll have to write some code to tweak some stuff.


Here's my problem:


My client is using DOCman to manage, well, his documents.  These documents are available to two different groups of members - normal community members, and partners.  DOCman's permissions do the job in hiding the right files from the right people, but he wants to hide the actual menu navigation link to the partners' section if the user isn't a member of the DOCman partner user group.  This functionality is not present in DOCman.


I'm not familiar with Joomla or DOCman at all, from a coding perspective, so I'm not entirely sure where to start.  Ideally, I'd simply access the DOCman User object for the current user, check what group they belong to, and hide the menu item from there, but I'm not sure if it's possible, nor how to do it if it is.


I just need a nudge in the right direction so I don't waste a bunch of time looking at the wrong files.  Any ideas?


Joomla 1.5.20

DOCman 1.5.8

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